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Not the time to bale on our Farmers

1 August 2018

The Gunnedah Shire Council Airport has provided an unusual opportunity for donating 285 round bales of hay and grass to Australian charity Aussie Helpers Ltd to be distributed to local farmers.

The grass in the Gunnedah Airport had been getting long and rather than mowing the grass, it was baled and Councillors at tonight’s Extraordinary Council Meeting voted to donate the bales to the Australian farming charity Aussie Helpers.

Gunnedah Shire Council Mayor Jamie Chaffey is aware that many members of the local farming community are in drought, and he hopes the small amount of feed that came from the Gunnedah Airport could keep some local livestock alive.

“The impact of the drought is in the forefront of our minds” Cr Chaffey said.

“Evidence of the hardship experienced during drought is not just in the pictures you see on the TV; it is in the voice of the farmer, in the eye of retailer, in the hands of the truck driver and in the spirit of all the people in our Shire.

“By baling and donating what would otherwise be slashed grass to Aussie Helpers, we hope the hay will be distributed locally and bring a small amount of relief to our farmers.”

The baling news comes only days after official contact was made Friday, 27 July from Lane Cove Council Mayor Pam Palmer to Gunnedah Shire Council’s Deputy Mayor Gae Swain communicating Lane Cove’s intention to assist their Sister City with the drought.

Cr Swain said the relationship of the Sister Cities helps to “bridge the divide” between regional and city areas.

Lane Cove Council and Gunnedah Shire Council are in continuing discussions to see what assistance can be provided.

Cr Chaffey, along with the Gunnedah Ministers Fraternal has organised a Prayer for Drought to be held Sunday, 5 August. Cr Chaffey said the lingering drought conditions are terrible but it has been heartwarming to experience the bond the community has created through a unified experience,” Cr Chaffey said.

“The idea to have the Prayer for Drought came because people want to get together and support each other.

“This is open to the whole community to attend on Sunday, 5 August 2018 at 4.00pm at the Smithurst Theatre.”

Photo caption: Gunnedah Shire Council Mayor Jamie Chaffey at the Gunnedah Airport looking at the bales of hay ready to be donated to registered charity Aussie Helpers Ltd.


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