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Microchipping & Registration

Gunnedah Shire Council enforces the NSW Government’s laws relating to pet ownership, which are outlined in the Companion Animals Act 1998 . Under the act, cats and dogs must be microchipped and registered so they can always be returned home if lost, injured or stolen.
This law is designed to reduce the number of animals put down in NSW, and to encourage people to take responsibility for their pets. We encourage owners to be responsible for their pets and require them to undertake some simple measures.

If you own a cat or dog and live in NSW, you are legally required to microchip and register your pet. This helps us quickly return your animal to you, if it is lost, injured or stolen.

We also encourage you to get your pet desexed – a simple procedure that helps pets to live longer and healthier lives, and makes them less prone to wander and fight.

If your pet is desexed, you'll receive a discount on your registration. Eligible Pensioners will also received a further discount upon presentation of your Pensioner's Card.