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Street Trees

Council is responsible for trees located on Council-owned land and footpaths. It is not Council's responsibility to maintain trees on residential and private land. If you see a tree that requires attention on either a footpath, or Council-owned land please let us know by either completing the Street Tree Removal form or calling 02 6740 2100. All trees reported to us will be recorded, inspected and rated in accordance with the level of priority and risk they pose to public safety.

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All planting of trees on Council land, including footpaths, requires authority by Council. Please contact us before proceeding with any planting in these areas as all requests and new planting must be considered in light of proximity to utilities and existing infrastructure. We will happily provide information regarding, trees, species and planting location. Furthermore, no alterations are to be made to footpaths without Council's permission and no trees are to be planted within 20 metres of an intersection, so not to restrict vehicular access and visibility.

Please contact our Customer Service Team on 02 6740 2100 for further information.