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Water Information & Restrictions

Current Restrictions: Gunnedah Shire is currently on Level P Permanent Water Conservation

Gunnedah Shire Council's existing Water Restriction Policy has been in place since the 2002/03 drought with the main purpose of the policy to have the urban community aware of some of the difficulties being experienced by the rural community and to conserve our precious resource wherever possible.

At its meeting on 16 April 2014 Council amended its water conservation levels as part of a review of regional water restriction policies across the Namoi Region. The key objective of a regional water restriction is to have a base set of water restriction rules that are uniform across Namoi Councils to reduce confusion in the community and allow for a consistent and simplified communication process across the region.

The permanent water conservation measures are generally a common sense water efficient usage guideline that helps to minimise water wastage during non-drought periods. You can view the current Water Conservation Times below.
Gunnedah Shire Council currently has Level P Permanent Water Conservation measures in place across the shire to all properties connected to town water supplies in Gunnedah, Curlewis, Mullaley and Tambar Springs.