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Road Works & Closures

Road Works & Closures

The following Road Closure Information provides updates on closures and changed traffic conditions due to Flooding/Bushfires, Traffic Accidents or Planned Roadworks.

LAST UPDATE: Friday 2 December 2022 1235 hrs

For further information on State Highways, please click on the link to visit the Live Traffic NSW website.



Gunnedah Shire Council has released a detailed program covering the next six weeks of unsealed road maintenance activities. This program will be updated on a weekly basis. It is a guide only, as Council continually assesses roads and prioritises activities for completion.

As a result of the recent flood events, we are in a reactive phase of scheduling to address the most severe defects in the unsealed road network first. Reactive works will take at least three months from 7 November 2022 based on the December 2021 flood experience. Activities will focus on gravel patching and grading works to address washouts where water has crossed roads.

The cyclic maintenance grading program will re-commence once Council has attended to the extensive list of reactive works required following the recent flood events.

We ask for your patience as we address flood damage to the roads. Please drive to the conditions and do not enter closed roads.

To view the latest program, click here: 20220712_Flood Restoration Road Maintenance Program.pdf



Trinkey Forest Road
Tambar Springs
OPEN WITH CAUTION - between Wandobah Road and Box Forest Road.
Hunts Road
ROAD CLOSED - between Oxley Highway and Bushes Lane. Road open for residents only.
Orange Grove Road
Keepit Dam
OPEN WITH CAUTION – for one-lane traffic. Please drive with care and obey all traffic signs.
Goolhi Road
Marys Mount
OPEN WITH CAUTION – between Mary's Mount Road and Heffernon Road. Damage to the Ted Griffiths Bridge guardrail. Speed restrictions apply.
Mooki River Road
ROAD CLOSED – at the Mooki River crossing between Maitland Street and Bulunbulun Road. Ongoing work.
Goran Lake Road
ROAD CLOSED – between Nea Siding Road and South Wandobah Road.
Ryan Road
OPEN WITH CAUTION (4WD ONLY) - one lane track only.
Mystery Road 
OPEN WITH CAUTION - between Kamilaroi Highway and Liverpool Plains Shire Council boundary.
Bulunbulun Road
OPEN WITH CAUTION - between Kamilaroi Highway and Liverpool Plains Shire Council boundary.
Pullaming Road
OPEN WITH CAUTION - between Kamilaroi Highway and Clifton Road.
Clifton Road
OPEN WITH CAUTION - between Long Point Road and Pullaming Road.
Long Point Road
ROAD CLOSED - between Pullaming Road and Normans Road.
Grain Valley Road

ROAD CLOSED – between Goolhi Road and Narrabri Shire Council boundary.

Grain Valley Road was significantly damaged by unathorised heavy vehicle use during recent flood events when the road was closed. The extensive repairs cannot be carried out until the road has dried out and Transport for NSW has assessed the road and authorised repair works.

The road cannot be opened to the public until it is repaired as it would be extremely hazardous to travellers, even under speed restrictions with hazard signage.

In the meantime, travellers heading from Mullaley to Boggabri and vice versa will need to detour via the Oxley and Kamilaroi highways, or alternatively turn onto Grain Valley Road and then off Grain Valley Road onto Goolhi Road and travel through Emerald Hill.

Goolhi Road
Emerald Hill
OPEN WITH CAUTION - between Quia Road and Mary's Mount Road. Speed restrictions apply. One lane only (traffic lights on site).
Blue Vale Road 
OPEN WITH CAUTION - between Kamilaroi Highway and Narrabri Shire Council boundary. Speed restrictions apply.
  • Drivers may be liable for any damage that they cause to a road that is closed to their vehicle type
  • Travelling on roads covered with water is extremely dangerous and should be avoided
  • Road conditions can change without warning and drivers should travel with caution
  • Unsealed roads damage very easily when they are wet and only essential journeys should be undertaken until these roads dry out
  • Council priortises repairs with higher trafficked roads and bus routes usually receiving attention first.

The road closure information is as accurate as possible at the time it is entered. However as conditions change quickly, this information should be used as a guide only. Council makes no statements, representations or warranties about the accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of the information.

Road users are reminded to not enter flood water and deliberate disobeying of road closure signs may result in police prosecution.