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Good With Maps - Live Theatre

Good With Maps - Live Theatre
6.30pm Thursday, 15 November 2018
Gunnedah Civic Theatre
Tickets: $25 at the door or online at

Gunnedah Civic Theatre and Arts On Tour are proud to bring the live theatre performance of ‘Good with Maps’ to Gunnedah. The solo performance is a reflective story of the unknowns. When the world map was full of gaps, the Amazon topped the list of places unknown to western explorers. In 2018 are there any ‘unknowns’ left? On a trip to the Amazon, the writer ponders this and other questions as she struggles to deal with her father’s journey through Parkinson’s disease towards what is perhaps our last great unknown.
This is beautifully constructed narrative, delivers a performance that explores the journey of humour, contemplation and the human experience of exploration and discovery. Sometimes sad and confronting ‘Good With Maps’ is also funny and thoughtful, and celebrates the power of reading and literature to transport us to places both real and imagined.
Good With Maps is a solo work written by Noelle Janaszweska and performed by Jane Phegan and has recently returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where the show received 4 star reviews as well as receiving nominations and awards at the 2017 Sydney Theatre Critics Awards.
Noëlle’s unfailing ability to ignite universal emotions and laughter in all of us while gloriously revealing her own exquisite uniqueness is one of this piece’s great joys.

“A fine performance, delivered from the heart in a way that seems authentically autobiographical” 4 stars Edinburgh Guide
“On her bravest exploration Janaczewska embarks on a journey into unfamiliar grounds and she shares with us her deep and profound discoveries of sadness, humour and the human heart” Australian Stage