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Join the Buy Regional/Buy from the Bush movement

30 October 2019

Gunnedah businesses are embracing new initiatives to bring the city Christmas dollar to drought-stricken regional New South Wales.

At least six local businesses have joined the Facebook/Instagram @BuyfromtheBush campaign which showcases products from towns facing drought.

Two have also joined the NSW Government’s Buy Regional hub, an online site that links to the websites of regional shops and sellers.

Martina Boyle, from Marval Designs, said she believed the Buy Regional hub was a fantastic initiative for rural New South Wales.

“It’s such a great idea,” Martina said. “Both the Buy Regional hub and the Buy from the Bush campaign are exactly what all of our small businesses need right now.

“Right across the country, people need to know that there are all these amazing things out here.”

Jodi Dolbel, from Enchanted on Conadilly, said she was stunned by the instant response to her listing on Buy Regional.

“I got to work the day after the listing went up and my inbox was full of sales,” Jodi said.

“That is awesome for the first day, it has far exceeded my expectations.

“City people are asking the question about what they can do to support us, and the answer is to buy from us.”

Gunnedah Shire Council Manager Economic Development Charlotte Hoddle urged shops and sellers from the shire who were not part of the initiatives to look at joining.

“Strong small businesses go a long way to keeping our economy healthy,” she said.

“If you have a website, the Buy Regional initiative is a great option, and for those who have a social media presence, @BuyfromtheBush is getting a lot of attention.

“Our businesses have beautiful products on offer, and might be just the Christmas present someone from the city or outside our area is looking for. This can broaden our horizons and bring in some-much needed business.”

To find out more about Buy Regional, visit or take a look at Buy from the Bush on Facebook or Instagram.

If you need assistance in starting an Instagram or Facebook account, contact Charlotte Hoddle at Gunnedah Shire Council on 6740 2100.

Photo caption: Susie Martin from Goodness & Gracious is a supporter of the Buy from the Bush campaign.


Media contact: Eliza Gallen (02) 6740 2100.