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School zone monitoring underway

10 March, 2020

Gunnedah Shire Council is reminding motorists to choose safety over convenience when it comes to driving in school zones.

Children do not always pay attention to what is happening on the road, so need assistance from the community to remain safe when travelling to and from school.

Drivers are urged not to exceed the 40km/h speed limit in school zones as a small difference in speed can have a large impact. A car travelling at 50km/h can take up to an extra nine metres to come to a complete stop compared to a car travelling at 40km/h (Transport NSW).

Recent monitoring activities have also revealed a number of parking infringements in school zones, prompting a community reminder for motorists to check signage when parking near schools. In particular, drivers are reminded that within school zones they are:

• Not permitted to stop in a bus zone or school bus bay,
• Should not stop within 10 metres of an intersection, and 
• Observe no-stopping signs.

Breaches of these restrictions can carry fines and incur loss of demerit points.

Council’s Regulatory Services Co-ordinator Wade Berryman said that parking restrictions around schools help traffic to flow smoothly and ensure the safety of pedestrians, especially children.

“It’s important to park safely in school zones so that other drivers have a clear view of the area.

“We urge everyone to take care when driving in school zones. This may include leaving a few minutes early to find a safe place to park, and making a plan with your child so they wait to be collected in a safe spot,” Mr Berryman said.

Gunnedah Shire Council’s school zone safety activities are conducted in collaboration with the NSW Government’s “Towards Zero” initiative – an operation to push the NSW road toll towards zero.

We are encouraging the community to work together to keep children safe around schools. Council will continue to patrol school zones and motorists are encouraged to familiarise themselves with parking restrictions around their local school.


Media contact: Eliza Gallen (02) 6740 2100.