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Keep in Touch

Councillor Jamie Chaffey Elected as Mayor of Gunnedah Shire

At Gunnedah Shire Council’s Ordinary meeting held last night, Councillor Jamie Chaffey was announced as Mayor for the ensuring 2 year term with long term serving Councillor, Gae Swain elected as Deputy Mayor.

“I’m honoured and humbled to be offered an opportunity to represent my community as Mayor, and I look forward to leading the Council for the next two years,” Mayor Chaffey said.

“It is my vision to lead a dynamic council with a fresh approach, and I look forward to being a key player in the future to shape the continued growth of the Gunnedah Shire.”

“I want to ensure the Gunnedah Shire community can continue to live in a progressive and safe environment that provides an ideal place to rear children, for young people to build a future, for businesses to grow and succeed, and for the community as a whole to prosper with opportunities continuing to come our way.”

“As a member of the Gunnedah Shire community, I am heartily grateful to our outgoing Councillors, and in particular former mayor Owen Hasler, for positioning Gunnedah Shire Council in a strong financial position for the future. Achieving this status is no mean feat and I acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all Councillors that have served our community and in particular former councillors Gwen Griffen, Steve Smith, Rebecca Ryan and David Quince.”

“I congratulate my fellow Councillors Colleen Fuller, Rob Hooke, David Moses, Murray O’Keefe, Ann Luke, John Campbell, Gae Swain and Owen Hasler on their recent election and look forward to working with them to secure a promising future for our community.”


Mayor Jamie Chaffey

Mayor Jamie Chaffey in front of the Gunnedah Shire Council Chambers.

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