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Report Local Issues

Report Local Issues

Reporting Issues

How do I lodge a complaint?

Complaints may be lodged with Council:

  • In Person
  • By telephone, facsimile, email or letter.

In order to process a complaint Council requires the name, address and contact telephone numbers of the complainant together with sufficient details of what the complaint relates to.

I want to make a complaint but don’t want to provide my name

Council will not accept anonymous complaints but will respect the complainant's right to privacy and will not disclose their name or any confidential information without their express permission or unless the disclosure is in accordance with GIPA (Government Information Public Access Act 2009).


What can you do about neighbourhood noise? In the first instance, approaching the person making the noise may solve the problem amicably. Often people are unaware their activi...

Waste & Illegal Dumping

Dumping Unwanted Goods is Illegal Illegal dumping is an environmental, economic and social problem because it: pollutes our waterways through the stormwater system is a waste...

Graffiti & Vandalism

Graffiti is the act of marking or defacing property without permission. Its prevention and removal is very costly. The best thing you can do to help reduce graffiti and vandal...


Domestic Animals Roaming and/or dangerous domestic animals should should be reported to Council and our Ranger will be notified to tend to the animals. Roaming and/or dangeous...

Maintenance Issues

Council maintains parks, playgrounds, reserves and sporting fields, public roads, footpaths and public infrastructure, for example: grass cutting repair playgrounds eg: swings...

Noxious Weeds

Weeds and legislation On July 1, 2017, the Biosecurity Act 2015 came into effect, replacing the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 and nine other Acts dealing with general biosecurity in...

Essential Energy

For more information regarding Essential Energy services, general enquiries, power outages and faulty street lights, please contact Essential Energy using the details below:

How to report abandoned Coles trolleys

Seen an abandoned Coles trolley? To ensure shopping trolleys are kept off the streets and in stores for customers to use, Coles has developed a new method of reporting abandon...