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Waste and Recyling

Waste and Recyling

Waste Services

Garbage collection service

Gunnedah Shire Council provides residential households a kerbside waste collection service for residences within the town boundaries of Gunnedah, Carroll and Curlewis. For more information please see the Gunnedah Greenwaste Calendar and Gunnedah Greenwaste Collection Maps included in the below document.

Collection Days

Gunnedah Shire Council provides a weekly general household waste bin (red lid) which is collected on the same day each week. The recycling bin (yellow lid) and greenwaste bin (green lid) are collected fortnightly with your household bin on alternating weeks. For more information on your collection dates, please input your address in the schedule above or download the Recycle Coach app.

  • On collection days, place bins at least one metre apart and clear of cars, trees and other obstacles. 
  • Your bin lids should close completely and nothing should protrude out of the top. 
  • Face bin openings to the road and place bins no further than one metre from the kerb or road’s edge.
  • So you don’t miss a collection, remember to place your bin(s) at the kerb the evening before collection.
Missed Household, Recycling or Greenwaste Collection

To report a missed service contact JR Richards on 1800 208 141.

Please note your bin will not be collected for any of the following reasons:

    • if your bin was not put out on the kerb before the truck serviced your street (bins should be placed out the night before);
    • if you used an old style bin (black base) or old 120L recycling bin;
    • the bin does not have a coloured lid;
    • the bin contained items that are not permitted; and/or
    • if your bin is too heavy or overfilled.
Household Chemical Cleanout

Gunnedah residents now have two FREE services for the disposal of household chemicals and problem waste. Household chemical Clean out dates are set annually by the EPA. Please visit Certain problem waste items are able to be dropped off all year round! Farm chemicals: These can be disposed of through the ChemClear Program.