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Creating a vibrant downtown precinct

Gunnedah Shire Council has started work on plans to create vibrancy in the Gunnedah Shire as part of its Community Strategic Plan (CSP).

Council adopted its 10-year Community Strategic Plan at its June Ordinary Meeting , which highlights the community’s vision to enhance streetscapes and open spaces in Gunnedah and its surrounding villages.
“Council engaged with a number of community groups across a variety of forums on ideas to enhance Gunnedah’s streetscapes and downtown precinct, which were in line with Council’s CSP,” Manager Economic Development Charlotte Hoddle said.

“Some ideas included planter boxes installed in the main street and establishing garden beds at the main entrance points to Gunnedah.

“Council has started work on these projects to see the ideas come to fruition for our community,” she said.
Parks and Gardens staff have designed and installed a planter box at the front of the Northern Inland Credit Union in Conadilly Street, to trial the initiative before more boxes are installed as part of the main street enhancement project between Elgin and Chandos streets.

“We have spoken to local businesses at the location and if we receive positive feedback on the planter box that will give us the green light to install up to 22 more in the downtown precinct,” Manager Public Facilities Geoff Phillips said.

“The boxes are constructed, planted and to be maintained by Council staff and would be installed behind the trees already planted on the roadway, meaning parking in the area will not be impacted. The idea is to predominantly plant flowering perennials to ensure durability and vibrancy throughout the year,” he concluded.

Council has also established garden beds at the three main entrances to town as part of the project, with plans to plant the Elgin Street and Chandos Street roundabouts also in the pipeline. Solar lights will be installed at the entrance points to Gunnedah to showcase the vibrancy at night.

For more information on Council’s Community Strategic Plan visit 

 Vibrant Precincts

PHOTO CAPTION: Council’s Parks and Gardens staff member Troy Collison worked on the planter box in Conadilly Street.


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