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Keep in Touch

Keep in Touch

Preparing for Gunnedah Shire Council’s upcoming waste service changes

July 1, 2021

From July 5, 2021, JR Richards & Sons will be collecting Gunnedah’s kerbside bins as part of the new waste contract with Gunnedah Shire Council.

Larger 240L yellow lid recycling bins have been delivered to households, with collections transitioning from a weekly to fortnightly service. Red lid general waste bins will continue to be collected weekly and, for residents with green lid green waste bins, these will continue to be collected fortnightly, on the alternate week to the recycling bin collection. Unless residents have received notification from Council, their bin collection day will remain the same.

Residents are invited to refer to the information pack included with the delivery of their new recycling bin. The collection calendar and map explaining what week recycling bins will be collected, either Week A or Week B. The transition from a weekly to a fortnightly collection frequency will occur from Monday July 5 (Recycling Collection Cycle Week A). Monday July 12 will mark the commencement of Recycling Collection Cycle Week B.

Also included is a handy Gunnedah Waste Services Collection Guide that reminds residents of the five material types that are accepted in the yellow lid recycling bin:

  1. Clean paper and cardboard;
  2. Glass bottles and jars;
  3. Aluminium cans and foil;
  4. Steel cans;
  5. Plastic bottles and containers.

Any other materials are considered contaminants and should not be placed in the recycling bin.

All residents are asked to place their empty 120L recycling bin upside down on the kerb for collection with their new recycling bin from Monday July 19.

Residents can download the free Recycle Coach app or click here  for more information related to Council’s waste services.


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