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Keep in Touch

August Council Meeting briefs

August 26, 2022

Reconciliation Action Plan

Gunnedah Shire Council has endorsed the Terms of Reference for the Gunnedah Shire Council Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Working Group.

The newly formed working group seeks to identify issues and topics of importance surrounding the development and implementation of a Reconciliation Action Plan to be adopted by Council.

The objective of the RAP Working Group is to make recommendations and agree on actions to be taken by Council in relation to:

  • The development of a Gunnedah Shire Council “Innovate” Reconciliation Action Plan that aligns with both Reconciliation Australia’s minimum elements for endorsement and the Gunnedah Shire Community Strategic Plan;
  • The establishment of collaborative/consultative processes to ensure community and staff remain engaged and focused on the importance of reconciliation;
  • The implementation of specific actions and deliverables as identified within the Shire of Gunnedah “Innovate” Reconciliation Action Plan in accordance with agreed timelines; and
  • The ongoing review and refresh of the Gunnedah Shire “Innovate” Reconciliation Action Plan based on learnings, challenges and achievements.

The working group includes both community and Council representatives.

Priorities for the Local Government Annual Conference

Gunnedah Shire Council has laid out its priorities for the 2022 Local Government Annual Conference to be held in October.

Councils are invited to submit motions for the annual conference to help determine the sector’s policy directions for the coming year.

Gunnedah Shire Council will submit seven motions, including:

  • more police for regional, rural and remote regions;
  • that Local Government NSW calls on the Australian Local Government Association to make representation to the Federal Government to review the Local Government (Financial Assistance Grant) Act 1995 and the basis on which grant funding for roads is allocated;
  • a more appropriate replacement of the fuel excise tax arrangements;
  • lobbying the federal government to exempt Councillor allowances from the income test for pensions;
  • an increase in TAFE apprenticeship courses and greater funding transparency for TAFE funding;
  • an overturn of the classification system for international doctors to be eligible for the Medicare rebate; and
  • lobbying the federal government for permanent implementation of measures to prevent the entry of foot and mouth disease and lumpy skin disease at Australian entry points.

Working Group Memberships

Council has resolved to endorse the following new members for Council’s working groups:

  • Lisa Warren will be a community representative on the Gunnedah Access Working Group.
  • Vanessa Hodges-Schembri will be a community representative on the Gunnedah Housing Working Group.
  • Vanessa Hodges-Schembri, Linda Newell, Rebecca Ryan, Katerina Haenga, Amelia Williams, Joe Miller and Sam Shipman will be representatives on the Social Wellbeing Working Group.

Caption: Members of Gunnedah Shire Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group.


For more information, contact Gunnedah Shire Council’s Communications team on (02) 6740 2100.