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Keep in Touch

Counting down to Crime Prevention and Community Safety Conference

The countdown is well and truly on to the Crime Prevention and Community Safety Conference that will take place in Gunnedah on the 23rd and 24th November, 2023.

Across the two days attendees will discover innovative and collaborative approaches to crime prevention and community safety with a highly respected and credentialed line up of speakers all sharing their expertise and insights.

2021 Australian of the Year Grace Tame will deliver a keynote address and will be supported by a range of invaluable presentations.

Some of the guest speakers include;

Dr. Alana Cook from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research who will talk about youth crime in NSW, the changing face of youth crime and the most frequent types of crime behaviours during the past 10 years.

“By presenting a local view of youth crime in NSW, I am aiming to provide a better understanding of it in the regions, “Dr. Cook said.

Professor Neil Curtis, Professor of Cybersecurity & Senior Executive at DXC Technology, who will focus on cyber resilience, empowering local business, agriculture and government.

“I will explore the impact of cybersecurity on rural Australia, risks for local businesses, agriculture, and government and share emerging cybersecurity trends and insights that help establish best practice and keep local communities safe.”

“Together there are opportunities for collaboration and innovation that empower local communities and establish their cyber resilience,” Professor Curtis said.

Boudene Hauraki , the Community Engagement Head – Target Zero at the Centre for Multicultural Youth in Victoria will discuss youth crime and youth justice.

“I will introduce a new project in Melbourne’s western suburbs called Target Zero which looks to eliminate the over representation of Maori/Pacifica/African young people and innovative approaches – co-design and community engagement,” Mr. Hauraki said.

Hunter Johnson, founder of national mental health charity The Man Cave, and social enterprise STUFF, will also feature at the much anticipated conference.

“Right now there is no clear rite of passage for boys into manhood. Boys often initiate themselves into adulthood, which usually results in risk taking behavior to prove their masculinity.”

“My work at The Man Cave is to provide boys with a safe, healthy journey into adulthood. I will share insights into what the next generation of young men are thinking and feeling and provide practical strategies to support their healthy development,” Mr. Johnson said.

The full program for the Crime Prevention and Community Safety Conference can be viewed at Tickets are still available through this dedicated website.